Destiny Christian Fellowship Jeremiah 29:11  To give you a future and a hope

Pastoral Care and Discipleship

God has definitely given this church the burden for pastoral care and discipleship. Our desire is beyond just birthing people into the kingdom, but it involves providing effective covering and accountability that precipitates growth, and bringing people to the place of personal fruitfulness and ministry. It is impossible to pastor a crowd in any individual way. The Care Group approach is a biblical way of caring for and feeding a multitude of people.

Building Relationships and Fellowship

It is clear that God wants the individual members of the church to be more closely linked to one another so that they can be in a position to better minister to the needs of one another as the Bible clearly directs. This was a top priority of the church in the Book of Acts and the Care Group will help to keep people from being alone in the midst of a large number of people. This is more important for the more passive, reserved and quiet personality and yet all will benefit greatly by their involvement.

It takes several years to feel a part of a crowd, but in a few brief contacts in an intimate setting, people can feel loved, cared for and needed.


There is a warm welcome for you at one of our Care Groups. The focus may be anything from Creative Arts to Bible Study, Freedom to "Treasure Hunts", but the underlying joy is always the beginning of new friendships.


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