Destiny Christian Fellowship Jeremiah 29:11  To give you a future and a hope
Our Mission Statement

Springing from a vital relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, our mission is to glorify God by serving His purpose to see the church restored, and the good news preached about Jesus Christ to young and old, rich and poor, and every ethnic group, extending the Kingdom of God by building people, families and leaders – first in our city, and then to the ends of the earth.

Vision Statement  

As the Old Testament unfolds the historic account of the people of God returning from captivity to participate in the restoration of their once exalted city, so today God is calling his people everywhere to give themselves to the restoration of his church in order to reach the nations and experience the return of his Son. Today God is not merely interested in the renewal of some aspects of familiar church life but rather the complete recovery of dynamic New Testament Christianity –its power, purity and pattern of living. While many people think the church will grow weaker and weaker in the battle against the demonic forces of this world and are content with division and compromise in the body of Christ, God is clearly raising up an end-time church of power, authority, unity and holiness.


Since New Testament times, much of what was present in the early church has been lost through neglect, distortion or disobedience. We need to realize that the Spirit of God has been at work throughout history not only to restore God’s original intention for the church, but also to complete the work in order to present a pure and spotless bride to His Son.




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